Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Your Highness

Genre: Comedy
Premise: A lazy prince is forced by his father to go on a quest and in turn he ends up facing an even bigger threat, saving the world. Danny McBride stars.Writers: Danny McBride and Ben Best (Dated Feb. 29, 2008)

Danny McBride

Ok, so I was really looking forward to this script. I think Danny McBride is really funny, and this is his big chance to shine. And the fact that he wrote it is an even bigger plus. Well, I gotta say, I have the same thoughts now that I did while reading Date Night.

So the story starts out with Thadeous, the chubbier, lazier, hornier brother to Fabious, the guy everyone loves. Thad is left in charge of the kingdom because his father has been turned to stone, and his brother is turning him back. Once his father, the King of Doobery, is back to normal, he sees what a mess his son has made of the kingdom and forces him to go on a quest. Thad's quest is to find the Hoop of Doom. Tagging along is his servant Courtney and Boremont, a great soldier for the King, who's job is to keep Thad safe. Oh, and pretty much the kingdom's entire army is there too.

Well, Thadeous is still lazy as hell, and forces everyone else to do all the dirty work. He manages to get the Hoop of Doom (which is basically a hula hoop with special powers), but an evil warlock named Leezar kills the entire army because he wants the Hoop for him self. Now Thad, Courtney, and Boremont must make it back home with this evil magician hot on their tails. Things go awry. Thad falls in love. He becomes a hero and ends up saving the day.

As you can see, it gets a bit cliche. And like I said, it reminded me of Date Night. It sets out to be a comedy, but the one thing you end up getting out of it is the action. And there is LOTS of action to be found in this script. But that can't really save it. I mean, there were some funny scenes. I got a kick out of envisioning Danny McBride twirl the Hoop of Doom around his waist in the midst of a bloody battle. But, like I said with Date Night, this script was set up to have a lot of improvisations. Well, that doesn't help this script one bit. There are lines repeated throughout the script that weren't that funny the first time they were said, let alone the tenth.

I will say this though, I enjoyed the atmosphere of this script. I liked the premise, but the plot could use some work. After the initial setup, it turned into a game of "What wacky situations can we throw our characters in to next?" But there is hope. From all the info I've read, the script's been changed dramatically. I liked this script enough to give the film a chance. And with the talent involved, I'm sure they'll come up with some funny scenes, but until then....

[] Somebody should be fired
[] Bad
[] Mediocre
[x] Worth the read (VERY close to mediocre, but I bumped it up because it actually has potential)
[] Great
[] Amazing

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